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Natural power supplier

Panasian Power PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s leading suppliers of clean, renewable energy to the Sri Lankan national energy grid. Established with support from the Sri Lankan Board of Investment in 2002, PAP has been at the forefront of a pioneering effort to transform the island’s energy generation mix onto a path of affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy for all Sri Lankans through the efficient operation of its three Mini-Hydro Power Plants. Our combined expertise has enabled PAP to surge ahead in the hydro-power sector and today we stand ever closer to our stated target of 15 MW of generation capacity.

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Power Generation Capacity


Green Energy

Renewable energy is reliable, affordable, and beneficial for our health, our economy, and our environment. So the world community is moving to renewable energy; it’s already started, it’s accelerating, and it’s inevitable. And we're moving to a world where people want to be closer to energy.

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We believe that energy must not only be secure and sustainable, but also competitive. We are working tirelessly to develop reliable new energy solutions that are both green and cost-efficient. Our ambition is to grow profitably and potentially expand into other sources of renewable energy.

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Invest in Your Future

We recognize the strong role of renewable energy sources that will play in the future by meeting the world's seemingly insatiable demand for energy while reducing carbon emissions and we are intend to be part of this transformation through which we will capture business opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Discover investment opportunities and be a part of this journey with us.

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