The provision of clean, renewable energy underpins the way we operate and do business, and is indicative of our efforts to preserve the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Mini-hydropower plants are one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources in Sri Lanka. These run-of-the-river grid-connected plants do not require reservoirs, instead releasing water into the same stream immediately after its diversion and generation of power. Thus, our plants in Ratnapura and Nuwara Eliya are part of the move to affordable, reliable and clean energy for all Sri Lankans.

Panasian are now alert to developments and opportunities of other renewable energy sources of wind, solar in Sri Lanka and also looking for the renewable energy investments in overseas markets.

Panasian Power aims to be a profitable and efficient venture, committed to sustainable growth, while contributing positively to Sri Lanka's energy sector and the environment in which it operates A stakeholder in the drive to develop the small and mini hydropower industry in Sri Lanka to help meet the demand for clean, renewable and low cost energy.