About Us

Panasian Power PLC (PAP), a public quoted Company with limited liability was incorporated under the Provisions of the Companies Act No.17 of 1982 on 22 April 2002 and Re-registered under the Provisions of New Companies Act No.7 of 2007 on 03 December 2008. The Company obtained BOI approval under Section 17(2) of the BOI Law No.4 of 1878 on 26 November 2008.

Panasian Power PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s leading suppliers of clean, renewable energy to the country’s national energy grid. Established with support from the Board of Investment in 2002, PAP has been at the forefront of a pioneering effort to transform the island’s energy generation mix onto a path of affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy for all Sri Lankans through the efficient operation of its three Mini-Hydro Power Plants. Our combined expertise has enabled PAP to surge ahead in the hydro-power sector and today we stand ever closer to our stated target of 30 MW of generation capacity by 2022.

PAP continues to set new benchmarks in the sector through a strategy of continuous, organic expansion and the constant refinement of business processes and technical expertise as it paves the way for a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

Our Vision

"To provide sustainable shareholder value by generating hydro and such alternative power to enhance the power requirement of the region while ensuring that all the stake holder interests are looked after"

Our Mission

Shareholder: a sustainable return
CEB : reliable standard of operation in providing electricity
Community: consider them as partners of the operation
Environment: value and preserve the environment that is critical to the sustainability of the project