Rathganga MHP

Rathganga MHP

Rathganga Mini Hydropower Project operates with a capacity of 3MW utilizing the water resource from Rathganga stream at Ratthurugala in Ratnapura District. PAP has entered into Standardised Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) with the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) to supply all of its energy generated to the national grid. The plant was commissioned on July 05, 2004. Rathganga MHP generates 11.84Gwh of average annual energy.

Monthly plant factor for the year of 2017

Gen. Kwh 252,212172,027354,689453,687826,9351,467,226892,7521,570,070
Plant Factor % 11.687.9616.4221.0038.2867.9341.3372.69

Location - Rathganga Hydropower Limited (PHL)

Rathganga Hydropower Limited (PHL)

Description Rathganga MHP
Location Ratthurugala, Ratnapura
River Rathganga
Catchment Size 15 km²
Installed Capacity 3 Mw
Year of Commissioning 2004
Gross Head 175m
Net Head 165m
Designed Flow 1.52m³/5
Channel Length 880m
Penstock Length 1350m
Type of Turbine Turgo (China)
Type of Generators Stamford (United Kingdom)
Avg. Annual Energy 11.84 Gwh
Plant Factor 45%