Panasian Power PLC is committed towards maintaining and enhancing the economic, social and environmental sustainability of its operations and will continue to undertake and expand its engagement in each of these three fields in a consistent, holistic and effective manner.

The economic sustainability of our operations is another key component in terms of PAP’s holistic approach to its operations. Having designed and implemented strategies geared towards the optimal usage of our existing resources, the Company has consistently delivered strong financial results – even in the face of turbulent weather patterns and uncertain economic conditions.

This performance stands as a testament to the powerful top-down strategies adopted by our Management which have been matched with dedication, skill and quality technical expertise of PAP’s team. This dual approach has enabled PAP to maintain optimal performance across our mini-hydro facilities while ensuring timely expansions of capacity to derive optimal levels of production from the abundant wealth of Sri Lanka’s natural resources in a sustainable manner. Combined with careful and strategic monitoring and management of the Company’s assets, PAP has continued to consistently deliver on economic sustainability of its business model.

Social sustainability is the third key component to PAP’s framework for the comprehensive sustainability of its business operations. Part of the continuing success of PAP hinges on the Company’s ability to deliver meaningful value to the widest possible group of stakeholders. In that context, PAP has worked to establish and develop relationships with stakeholder communities across the island in order to cultivate a sincere understanding of the needs of such communities and contribute where possible to the social and economic upliftment of these groups.